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  • Nanyang cigarette landing LCD advertising screen retail self-service terminal

    With the development of society, self-service terminals are used more and more widel...

  • 4*4 Super Narrow Side LCD Large Screen Mosaic Display in Four Seasons Music Rest

    In order to make the picture have more powerful visual effect, all LCD splicing scre...

  • Inspection System of Guizhou Normal University 7*4, 55 inch LCD Large Screen Sti

    This project specializes in ultra-narrow edge design. The gap between the two sides i...

  • Landing LCD Advertising Machine Applied in Hotel Catering Industry: A Case Study

    With the development of LCD terminal, the application of LCD advertising machine...

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  • All-round Technical Guarantee

    With a sound technical support system and many years of technical experience, it has laid a good foundation for the efficient implementation of the national joint insurance policy and made the products circulated throughout the country worry-free after-sales.
  • Efficient team

    With a sound team structure system, scientific and rational management system, design, research and development, production, sales, service integration, efficient protection of customer customization needs.
  • High Quality Management System

    According to ISO quality system and other quality assurance system requirements: from the determination of customer needs, design and development, production, inspection, sales, delivery of all processes, strictly in accordance with the quality management system.
  • High Quality Management System

    According to the high-end quality requirements, establish a perfect quality system: to ensure the quality of every link in the production management process, every process, and even every work station.
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Brief Introduction of Hua Zhi
Huazhi Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. was established in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone in 2017. Is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the development, production and sales of commercial LCD products. The main products are LCD mosaic large screen, professional monitor (security monitor, broadcast monitor), LCD advertising machine, touch inquiry machine, integrated teaching machine, conference panel, digital class card, LCD tea table and other industry cutting-edge products. As the product R&D center of customers, Huazhi Intelligent Technology is providing you with a full range of audio and video solutions and product providers.
At present, China Intelligent Electronics has owned many independent intellectual property rights, obtained many technical patents and established close strategic cooperation with many well-known LCD panel factories and IC manufacturers in the world. With strong technical research and development strength and production capacity, high-end quality has won the unanimous recognition of domestic and foreign customers. The company's products now include: LCD splicing screen, LCD monitor (security monitor, broadcast monitor), LCD advertising machine, touch machine, multimedia teaching machine and other industry cutting-edge products. At present, Minglian's products are providing products and display solutions to customers in 32 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and 69 countries and regions around the world. They play an important role in government agencies, the army, power and water conservancy, transportation, business entertainment, advertising media and other fields.
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