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4*4 Super Narrow Side LCD Large Screen Mosaic Display in Four Seasons Music Rest

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In order to make the picture have more powerful visual effect, all LCD splicing screens in this case scheme adopt MLT digital intelligent image processing technology, which enables restaurant customers to enjoy delicious food while enjoying a beautiful visual feast. In this way, they constantly leave a good impression on customers and promote the flow of customers in restaurants. Quantity.

The case scheme adopts the MLT digital image processing technology of Minglian, which completely solves the mosaic phenomenon caused by the conversion between analog and digital. By perfectly cooperating with Minglian full-channel high-definition and high-resolution control processor, the sharpness of the image is effectively improved, the contour of the image is more distinct, and the splicing picture is clear and smooth. Bright and vivid colors meet the best requirements of the digital image sharpening processing scheme. After the debugging and operation of our company, the unique picture of the big screen


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