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Inspection System of Guizhou Normal University 7*4, 55 inch LCD Large Screen Sti

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Project abstract: Huazhi Technology 7*4, 55 inch LCD mosaic large screen display system was perfectly completed in Guizhou Normal University. This scheme is mainly applied to the invigilation system of Guizhou Normal University, which shows delicate pictures and powerful functions. Project Name: Guizhou Normal University invigilation system project address: Guizhou Normal University project type: 7*455 inch LCD large screen splicing project introduction: This project specializes in ultra-narrow edge design, bilateral splicing gap up to 5.5mm, using straight-down LED light source, with a longer service life, and powerful, intelligent split screen. With wide vision and delicate pictures, you can see the real pictures in any scene. Minglian Technologies 7*4, 55 inch LCD mosaic large screen display system has been completed perfectly in Guizhou Normal University. The display effect and function have won the praise of the leaders in the school. Minglian Technologies'professional and enthusiastic service has won the cordial call from the project leader. With the development of society, the requirement of display system is getting higher and higher, no matter in units or enterprises. The invigilation system of Guizhou Normal University not only improves the efficiency of invigilation, but also takes charge of every link of the examination, which is convenient for the leaders to extract the real data through the examination, thus laying the foundation for the education of normal university to put forward a new and practical plan.
Minglian Technology 55-inch mosaic display, using ultra-thin frame, is the ideal choice for professional video wall. Applicable to a variety of signals and combinations, flexible configuration, almost seamless LCD screen splicing, has become a new display standard of today's video wall. Using the ultra-thin frame design, the screen wall is easily and flexibly composed, showing a vivid, delicate and impressive super-large picture. The decrease in the width of the border makes the screen almost seamless, and the width between two adjacent monitors is only 5.5 mm (3.4 mm on the bottom and right, 2.1 mm on the top and left). Minglian Science and Technology has a very professional team, including sales, research and development, technology, engineering, products, design, after-sales and other LCD splicing professionals, have extremely rich experience, the company will cooperate with the majority of new and old customers with the most professional solutions to achieve the best display effect for you.


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