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Landing LCD Advertising Machine Applied in Hotel Catering Industry: A Case Study

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Background of case application

With the development of LCD terminal, the application of LCD advertising machine in hotel catering industry has become a benchmark in the service industry. The LCD advertisement machine specially designed for high-end hotels by Huazhi has been widely used in various high-end hotel venues and is very popular. Taking the application of Kanglong Prince Hotel in Wuhan as an example, this paper describes the practical application of LCD advertising machine in hotel catering industry.

Case Picture Display

Introduction of Case Application
The landing advertisement machine used in Prince Kanglong Hotel has the following functions:
First, inquiries: for example, Hotel introductions, Hotel maps, cuisine recommendation, room use, preferential activity meals, local tourism and other information content, can be seen at a glance.
Secondly, information dissemination:
1. Publish hotel emergency notice in time to ensure the validity and timeliness of information transmission.
2. Real-time release of preferential information of entertainment places and tourist attractions around the hotel, display and forecast weather information, world clock, air quality and other forms of daily information, provide customers with fast and convenient information, humanized service to customers, improve customer satisfaction, enhance hotel services and brand.
3. Large screen display the meeting arrangement on that day, improve the hotel grade, reduce the waste of resources caused by paper publicity.
Second, publicity:
1. Publicize the hotel brand to the guests, circulate the hotel promotional film, improve the effectiveness and pertinence of the propaganda, enhance the image of the hotel, and better establish the corporate culture.
2. Publish the service items of the hotel in the waiting area of the lobby, make use of the advantages of the mobile guest resources, and effectively publicize all kinds of business.
3. Cooperate with merchants to publish information, shopping and preferential activities of tourist attractions, so as to achieve win-win situation for hotels and merchants.
Third, real-time interaction
1. It can connect with the reservation system of the conference, timely announce the status of the conference site, conduct live broadcast of the conference, and interact with customers.
2. Hold activities from time to time, through real-time interaction with customers, such as live games, celebrations, etc.


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