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What should we pay attention to when installing LCD advertising machine

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In this era of intellectualization, the existence of LCD advertising machine is indispensable. LCD advertising machine is more inexpensive than traditional media and promotion methods. With the widespread application of LCD advertising machine, the advantages of propaganda effect and performance-price ratio are gradually revealed. LCD advertising machine has been well known by the public. Next, Huazhi Intelligent technicians will share with you the construction and assembly of LCD advertising machine.

LCD advertising agency: LCD screen + drive board + shell + speaker + playback board + high voltage strip + power supply, and some wires inside.

High-quality LCD advertising machine should be equipped with high-quality LCD splicing screen and LCD splicing processor. It has high-end image processing functions such as high-definition video signal acquisition, real-time high-resolution digital image processing, three-dimensional high-order digital filtering and so on. It has powerful processing ability. The processor adopts the processing mechanism of digital multi-bus parallel and digital multi-bus data routing exchange, which can fundamentally guarantee the full real-time processing and data consistency of all input signal sources, without delay, discretization and frame loss.

Notes for LCD Advertising Machine Assembly:

1. The driver of LCD screen should be written correctly. Especially when the power is on automatically and the input signal is saved, this is different from the ordinary display or TV program. Otherwise, when the customer is in use, the power is suddenly cut off. When he calls again, he needs to turn on one by one manually.

2. Glue the place where the back insert is assembled, otherwise it will become loose due to bumps in transportation.

3. Packing should be careful, because LCD belongs to fragile products, so it is necessary to fight wooden racks when shipping alone.

The above is about the construction and assembly of LCD advertising machine. Now it is an era of pursuing efficiency. It is very important to improve the performance of human-computer interaction so that the machine can understand more quickly and serve human beings. It can be predicted that with the progress of science and the intensification of competition, the field of human-computer interface has been gradually developed. Dig and set fire to war.
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