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Application of Multimedia Instruction Integrative Computer in Teaching

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With the continuous promotion of the national policy on education informatization, the multimedia teaching touch-in-one machine industry began to show a strong growth trend in 2014, especially in the interactive tablet market. Accordingly, the industry expects that in 2017, the multimedia teaching and touch machine industry will continue to develop. The total market of multimedia teaching and touch machine will expand and develop again. At the same time, the proportion of interactive tablet will continue to rise, and the competition will further evolve to a higher level. These are exactly what the industry expects for 2018. Education is the foundation of our country and the key industry of our country. The national policy has been an important driving force for the rapid development and growth of the multimedia teaching touch-in-one machine industry in our country. In 2009, only about 3% of the classrooms equipped with multimedia interactive equipment were equipped in our country, and only 2.98% of the classrooms were retained. By the end of 2015, it is expected to reach more than 48%. 。
In just five years, about half of the classrooms have been equipped with multimedia teaching equipment. During this period, the state has launched two large-scale projects. The first is the plan to modernize the weak schools of compulsory education in China on a large scale and popularize multimedia interactive equipment rapidly. In the year after the implementation of this policy, the sales of the integrated multimedia teaching machine in China reached the annual level in 2012. The sales of 407,700 sets increased by 78.49% year on year, which also made the market of multimedia teaching touch-in-one machine surpass that of the United States for the first time and become the largest independent market of the single product of multimedia teaching-in-one machine in the world. The second is the start of the project of "all-round thinning" which started in 2014. The financial investment in the education market of various regions has increased again. In addition to the need of multimedia teaching development, these two points are enough to make the development of multimedia teaching machine market reach a new "blowout period". In addition, touch the technical research of the products of the integrated machine manufacturer. In recent years, Haifa has become more and more mature and stable. With the integration of various technologies and schemes, the touch-in-one machine industry chain has been shaped, and the market environment will gradually develop in a more favorable direction. With the deepening trend of domestic teaching informatization reform, multimedia teaching touch-in-one machine is expected to usher in a new round of buying and selling in 2018. In 2016, the policy environment will still be the basis for the steady development of the educational touch machine market, while the policy orientation for educational informationization has not changed. In the process of the continuous promotion of the "three links and two platforms", the thin reform projects in major provinces and cities will continue. Therefore, the educational market in 2017 will still be multimedia education. The important application market of integrated learning machine will continue to grow steadily, and the compound growth rate of sales is expected to reach more than 20%.
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