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Expansion Explanation of Touch Control Unit Function

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Now the touch-in-one machine has been integrated into my society, but you know that the touch-in-one machine can be expanded in addition to the existing functions. Let's see what functions the touch-in-one machine can expand. Through the extensible touch all-in-one machine, users can operate the host machine as long as they touch the screen gently with their fingers, making human-computer interaction more convenient and free. Compared with previous advertising devices, touch-in-one machines do not need to add projectors, or even computer equipment, interactive demonstration is simpler. Equivalent to a touchable smart TV, equipments built-in system, users only need to share mobile storage devices or marketing resources in enterprises.
Minglian Technologies provides scalable touch-in-one machine! Touch-in-one machine integrates existing technologies into new fields. Taking the advantages of self development and aiming at the business needs of customers, the design idea of forward-looking, expansiveness, advanced nature and practicability is adopted in the way of centralized control and unified management. The background operation is simple and intuitive, and the system can realize the unified management of information playback terminal. More importantly, it has expansibility, can set up different display modes according to different needs, and create a more comprehensive user experience. The existing functions of Minglian Technological Touch Control Unit are: fast response speed, about 3ms, Wi-Fi and 3G network support (optional), Chinese and English menu interface support, other languages (optional), memory card protection function: with security lock, prevent random replacement of memory card, support multiple systems, including Win7 system, Android system. In general, the touch panel has high precision, positioning accuracy: 2mm, minimum sensing object size: 5mm, and supports single-point/multi-point gesture recognition/ten-point touch, providing rich external expansion: the terminal can provide a variety of peripheral interfaces to facilitate the expansion of storage, communication, interaction, authentication and other applications, including USB, display output, voice output, network. Network interface, SD card, timer, camera, GPIO, 4-wire resistance touch screen, etc. In addition to the existing functions, the extended functions of Minglian touch integrated machine include touch interactive query, networking operation, printing function, NFC near-field payment function, credit card payment function and face recognition function. With the continuous development of science and technology, the functions of touch integrated machine will be more and more perfect. Huazhi Intelligent Technology factory touch control machine can expand its functions free of charge, if necessary, can directly contact our customer service company.
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