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What is the best material for the shell of Internet advertising machine?

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Now the shell of the network advertising machine is basically made of hardware material, so what material is the most suitable and best in the process of making the shell? Let's learn about it together below. Network advertising machine shell material: fashionable and exquisite tempered glass protective panel; 90mm thick aluminum alloy profile frame, painting process; high-quality cold-rolled steel plate back cover; inner frame and installation plate using anti-corrosion, anti-rust galvanized plate; network advertising machine shell surface for rust phosphating, electrostatic spraying and paint spraying treatment. If it is used in outdoor advertising machine, it will also use surface reinforcement and so on.
There are also network advertising machines used plastic shell, but the plastic shell needs to be molded, and the general characteristics of plastic raw materials: plastic raw materials thermal expansion, linear expansion coefficient is much larger than metal; general plastic raw materials stiffness is one order of magnitude lower than metal; mechanical properties of plastic raw materials will be significantly reduced under long-term heating; plastic raw materials; Material is very sensitive to notch damage; the mechanical properties of plastic raw materials are usually much lower than that of metal. Some network advertisement machines use plastic shell with composite material whose specific strength and modulus are higher than that of metal. If the product is designed reasonably, it will play an advantage. Generally, the mechanical properties of reinforced plastic raw materials are anisotropic. For the network advertising machine shell produced by Minglian Science and Technology in the current market, it is generally made of sheet metal shell, which has strong plasticity. Compared with the plastic shell, it has high cost, low cost, high performance-price ratio, and no plastic shell will be used. In today's market network advertising machine has been widely used, if you need to know or buy network advertising machine can directly contact customer service.
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