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What kind of service does the function of network advertisement bring?

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Network advertisement machine is the media broadcasting equipment that many businessmen can buy now. In the past, TV sets were hung in the stores of streets and alleys. Now we can see that from high-end shopping malls to small refreshing stores, network advertisement machine is used. The price of Android or wireless WiFi advertisers is 300 or more higher than that of the stand-alone version, and the publishing system does not charge a separate fee. To some extent, the development of online advertising machines can promote the process of urbanization. With the upgrading of tourism and transportation facilities, most cities in the country are beginning to upgrade their outdoor media. Many places begin to remove the original outdoor billboards for urban consolidation, and then use outdoor online advertising machines widely. Advertising machine manufacturers are mingling the network of science and technology production. Edition Advertising Machine can bring touch function, set information publishing, advertising can use interactive terminals to make public transport more smooth and convenient, so that information is more accessible. Information terminals can provide efficient support through powerful data networks.
In addition, Minglian 32-inch network wireless WiFi advertising machine can also be combined with the smart devices in people's hands, so that people can more timely access to the required information. At the same time, it provides the latest information for visitors and local people. It is expected that in the future it will be used in conjunction with warning systems, warning systems, weather warning systems and other warning systems to ensure social security. Internet Advertising Machine Promotes Service Improvement Network Advertising Machine not only changes the city atmosphere from the city appearance, but also has powerful human-computer interaction function. Especially with the emergence of new intelligence, network Advertising Machine begins to integrate face recognition, big data and so on. We can enter through browsing terminal and access terminal. Effective analysis of row data. In this way, when we begin to collect and study data, we can better position our development direction and service direction. How does the manufacturer of online advertising machine look forward to 2018? We might as well start thinking from the direction of urbanization and data.
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