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How will touch-in-one be developed in the future

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At present, touch-in-one machine is the only outdoor media service platform for the publication of public information such as government, culture, sports, tourism and so on. The corresponding peripherals have the functions of map navigation, telephone charges recharge, credit card repayment, traffic fine, ticketing for performances, ticketing for tourist attractions and other transaction functions. In the future, it will also be loaded with the function of "vehicles violating regulations themselves". The main ruling, such as electricity, water and gas fees, product ordering and other functions, has become a new integrated terminal integrating modern information technology, network technology and payment technology. It will actively integrate various resources and make a broader attempt towards the direction of the Internet of Things. As a media platform, audience attention is an important measure. According to market feedback, touch-in-one machines with customized appearance will attract past attention in various scenarios. Under the attractive appearance, the advanced technology means support the smooth operation of the project. It achieves complete information, more convenient to use, more powerful functions, and safer services. Extended function enriches security. From the practical point of view and from the commercial value point of view, touch-in-one machine with the corresponding application software can complete the qualitative leap.
Through public information and transaction services, touch query integrative machine can significantly enhance the stickiness of consumers'use, and realize the complementarity and common growth of the two revenue sources of advertising and trading. The convenience of the transaction function will drive more people to use it, which will enhance the added value of advertising, and the enthusiasm of the merchants to put in advertisements will be improved accordingly. The revenue of advertising can be used to further improve the technology, enrich the transaction function, and constantly optimize the user's use experience. In addition, touch screen is also an information platform with abundant data resources. Through the statistics of terminal users'inquiry and purchase habits, valuable market information can be analyzed, which can be widely used in teaching research, business consulting or marketing promotion, and generate new added value. Touch-in-one machine takes serving the society and the people as its own duty, and takes building a "smart city" as its goal. It focuses on how to do a good job of service function, how to make it more convenient for the masses and how to meet the daily needs of business people and local residents. It tries to apply information technology widely to economic development and public service. In key areas such as business and social life, resources can be allocated more accurately and quickly, energy consumption can be reduced to a greater extent, and ultimately the purpose of improving the overall operation efficiency of the city and the well-being of the citizens can be achieved. Touch-in-one terminal equipment has been widely distributed in shopping malls, supermarkets, Department stores, small shopping malls, Happy Square and other large shopping malls, as well as more famous tourist attractions, subway, high-end communities, office buildings, star hotels, 4S automobile shops, etc., which are convenient for people to use. The service scope is very wide, and these areas are wide. In the eyes of advertisers, they are also the key areas to target groups, and the advertising value is self-evident. As a new media form, touch-in-one machine has its own unique advantages. Minglian Technology, a manufacturer of touch-in-one machine, believes that with the joint development of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, the state's strong support for technological innovation, human-computer interactive touch-in-one machine equipment will be an intelligent product with huge market potential. Product.
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