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How Touch-in-One Machine Spreads Information in Business

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Vertical interactive touch-in-one machine is now installed in a busy subway station, creating a new momentum for a movie promotion. One of the large LCD screens has the touch-in-one content of the corresponding theme and program. Pedestrians can affect the content on the large screen by touching. Pedestrians can interact with the screen by touching with their hands, hit the video area screen of the LCD screen and directly jump into the information self-service query column. Pedestrians can click to query according to the information they want to know. At the same time, advertisements can also publish metro line information and pedestrian-related map management content to increase pedestrians'attention to machine broadcast content.

Touch interaction is the future direction of the advertising industry. The touch interactive experience is deployed through Microsoft somatosensory technology. The video is composed of a 55-inch vertical LCD ultra-high definition screen and a touch-in-one display with ultra-narrow border. Although the touch-in-one machine has replaced the static image, it not only displays different contents but also plays a greater role than the static media.

However, when we can achieve human-computer interaction through touch, social interaction, photography and other ways, things will become completely different, so that consumers can interact with advertisements and agents through touch-in-one machine, create a different way of experience and interaction, increase communication and communication, I think this is the only way. It is a good opportunity for touch-in-one computer interaction, which is also missing from some traditional advertising machines. Interactive elements create excitement, participation and creativity, which increases the ability to share sociality or further interact with brands. From the consumer's point of view, this interactive advertising is far more effective than a standard static or traditional video advertising. What the industry needs to do now is to unify what is not unified and try to maintain the possibility of brand and consumer communication, which is what we need to do in the next few years.
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