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How to deal with five common failures of LCD advertising machine?

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In today's technological era, LCD advertising machines are becoming more and more common.
In daily use, most of these machines need to operate continuously for a long time.
Then the problem of failure is very common. What is the reason for the malfunction of LCD advertising machine?
How to solve the problem of LCD advertising machine?
1. Why can't the advertising machine read the card?
If the socket pin of CF card is bent, straighten it with tweezers, and if the motherboard is broken, replace the motherboard.
Second, what about the blue screen of LCD advertising machine?
When the LCD advertising machine appears blue screen, first press the "POWER" key of the remote control to restart it. If this phenomenon occurs frequently or for a long time, please contact the manufacturer of advertising machines.
3. What's the reason for the automatic shutdown after power-on?
First, judge whether the menu setting is in the state of timed shutdown, the machine can replace the motherboard when short circuit occurs, the high-voltage bar is not working properly, and the high-voltage bar is replaced.
4. What is the reason for the serious flicker on the screen of the advertising machine?
There are three common points:
Magnetic field interference, power supply voltage stability, display, graphics card driver problems. Whether the high-voltage connection is loose or not in good contact.
Fifth, why does the remote control of advertising machine fail?
If the remote controller is out of power or the remote control head is broken or the motherboard is broken, replacing the time invalid password and losing the advertisement machine can not input the password and display the error, please replace the motherboard.
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