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How about the LCD advertising machine on the internet?

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How can we use LCD advertisement machine without wasting and bring into full play? Here are some reminders from Huazhi Intelligent Technology.
1. Strong Marketing Opportunities
Digital displays can be a very powerful marketing tool - promoting action, strengthening brands and making customers better understand.
The real impact is that we need to think more about what is possible and what is effective when programming models and scenarios, rather than focusing too much on what is available now.
2. Exercise but not too much
Whether it's the sliding of a picture or the switching of a complete view, a small movement can catch consumers'eyes. However, many movements are harmful.
Keep exercise simple and short so it's easier to find and remember. Also think about using some interesting campaigns as a background for messages, rather than building them on campaigns.
3. Designing for the environment, not for the desktop
If the font is too small, the space between words is too close, and the color contrast is not enough, how can you feel the creativity?
We often see creative ideas designed specifically for desktop screens, which send digital signals directly without preview, without setting them according to conditions.
Smart creative teams replicate display technology, ambient lighting conditions, and implementation effects in the environment, so they can preview images and make sure they are optimized.
The work of a graphic designer that looks great on a 30-inch display can hardly be watched and remembered by people waiting in line 20 feet away on the screen of the background wall.
4. Thinking about Digitalization
Innovative services are slowly changing, but creative products still tend to broadcast and print. Digitalization, especially digital signboard advertising ideas, is usually something that comes to mind afterwards.
Thinking ahead of time about all possibilities for creative thinking reduces restrictions and transforms the idea that advertisers want to go beyond print advertising or reuse the elements available in radio and television advertising.
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