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Troubleshooting of LCD Advertising Machine

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With the development of science and technology society, nowadays the hottest media LCD advertisement machine in the era of science and technology has been used more and more widely. The most common places are hospitals, offices, communities and shopping malls, where LCD advertisement machines can be well utilized, while a LCD advertisement machine in shopping malls is often not enough, and the traffic of people in shopping malls is large. And the product is more complex, many customers want to find what they need is more difficult, at this time the LCD line "touch query machine" has played its role very well, the role of touch query machine in the mall next time I will talk about, today to use LCD advertising machine friends explain the common faults of advertising machines, such as How to solve it.
1. The LCD advertising machine does not respond after plugging in the power supply.
It is a common problem in practical application that LCD advertising machine does not react after power is plugged in. In this regard, users can try to remove the advertising machine, open the back cover of the advertising machine, check whether the special power supply is on, whether the existing material is off or loose. Specific method: If the indicator light is on with 10,000 doses, if it is normal, it indicates that the power supply is electrified.
2. When LCD advertising machine runs, there are interference lines on the screen:
Generally speaking, the appearance of this phenomenon is caused by the signal interference of the display card, which belongs to the normal phenomenon. Users can solve it by automatically or manually adjusting the phase.
3. There is no sound in LCD advertisement machine.
After this problem occurs, users can open the back cover of the advertising machine, check the power of the driving board with a multimeter, and then check whether the connection of the horn wire is normal. If the loudspeaker noise is very large, it indicates that the driving board of the advertising machine has been damaged, you can go to the advertising machine manufacturer to replace it free of charge.
4. The screen of LCD advertising machine flickers.
In daily application, the flickering display of LCD advertisement screen is a common problem for users. In this regard, users first need to exclude the external factors such as magnetic field and power supply voltage around the device. If they still can not be used normally, they need to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the display card driver to eliminate the problem of program installation.
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