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What if the LCD advertising machine has no sound?

Key word:LCD Advertising Machinesource:华智能Release time:2019-09-24Clicks:91
First: Open the back cover of the LCD advertising machine and measure the power amplifier on the driving board with a multimeter.
Second: If the power amplifier is on normally, the next step is to check whether the connection of the horn is normal.
Third: If the power amplifier of the LCD advertising machine driver board is not normal, then replace the driver board; if the speaker is not normal, then replace the speaker.
Description: In general, if the connection of LCD advertisement horn is not strong, it is the easiest to fall off; if it falls off, it is welded with soldering iron. If the noise of the horn is very loud, that is, the driver board of the advertisement machine is damaged, and the driver board is replaced immediately. Of course, if you buy a brand LCD advertising machine like Huazhi, you can also find after-sales treatment.
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